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Ours Samplus - Last Frontier

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Ours Samplus releases his powerful and captivating new album, Last Frontier, which embarks on a contemplative and dazzling journey. Through the blend of groovy hip-hop and heavy beats, the listener is transfixed and immersed in natural and wild sounds that remind him of his own condition. Meanwhile, the chords, the melodies and the voices take him to a place where his spirit can escape. What Ours Samplus is trying to do with this new release, is to display the absolute power of nature. Last Frontier is an album that has to be listened to while staring into the face of the world and, in the end, into our very own frontier.



01 - Le Soleil, le Vent

02 - Beyond

03 - Hara Kiri

04 - Lofo

05 - Daily Routine

06 - Flying Ship

07 - Metal Leaves

08 - Forest Requiem

09 - Moment d’égarement dans le Jardin des Cerfs

10 - Behind the Moon

11 - Le Pouvoir des Oiseaux

12 - We Fly

13 - Memento

14 - Border Volatil

15 - Deer Garden

16 - Last Frontier

Ours Samplus - Last Frontier

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